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Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with slimming? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about slimming.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about slimming. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Add on years by shedding some extra pounds! These days, upwards of 60 percent of Americans are obese or overweight.

Correspondingly, the rates of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are skyrocketing. Here are some ways to cut your risk of being counted among the statistics and lose the weight.

Traditional Chinese medicine works to maintain a healthy and balanced body system. A healthy weight can be maintained when the body is working optimally, stress is low, and spirits are peaceful and content. It is when the body is out of balance that digestive weaknesses arise, your metabolism shifts, and adipose tissue (fat cells) accumulates.

Here is what you can do to achieve a healthy weight:

1. First of all, avoid any fad diets and fast-acting solutions that guarantee incredible weight loss while you watch television and eat deserts.

2. Focus on being fit rather than being thin. Aiming to be thin often means restricted eating, over-exercising, and anxious obsessing about weight – there is nothing healthy about this mindset.

3. Eat five small meals per day. Find a small bowl the size of your two palms when they are placed next to each other – this should be the size of each meal. Eating throughout the day keeps you from becoming famished and overeating at your next meal.

4. Your last meal of the day should be no later than 7 p.m.

5. Eliminate candy, sugar, and soda from your diet. Instead of candy, chew on some fresh peppermint leaves or cinnamon sticks. Use honey sparingly as a replacement for sugar.

6. Eat more complex carbohydrates and ample quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep dairy to a minimum because most dairy products are high in saturated fat, which is not healthy for your cardiovascular system when consumed in larger amounts. Opt for the lower fat dairy products such as low-fat or non-fat milks, cheeses, and yogurt. Avoid fatty foods, processed or fried foods.

7. Drink plenty of water – at least 60 ounces a day. It is especially beneficial to drink plain hot water, as if you are drinking tea without the tea or sugar. Also, drink a tea made from boiling a lemon (with the peel).

8. Eat soup at least once a day. A low-salt nutritious soup rehydrates the body while also nourishing and flushing waste from the body. It has been found that people who eat one or more soups each day lose more weight than those who eat the same number of calories but don’t eat soup. (Seek out homemade soup, because canned soups are filled with salt and chemicals.)

9. A 30-minute daily walk can do wonders for your metabolism. Try taking a walk 30 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes in the evening, two hours before bed. For toning you might replace one of the walks with some stretching activities such as tai chi or a mild form of yoga.

Cut the Fat with L-carnitine

L-carnitine, an amino acid produced in your liver, helps regulate fat metabolism and promotes fat loss making it essential in any weight loss program. L-carnitine also helps reduce triglycerides and increase good cholesterol, thereby protecting the heart. Rich sources of L-carnitine include meats, fish, poultry, wheat, avocado, milk, and fermented soybeans.

You can’t predict when knowing something extra about slimming will come in handy.

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